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The final paper will be the final step of your research project. You will use your research outline to create your final product. By completing this final paper you should be able to:

  1. Understand the history of a problem in a human security context, including theories and concepts at play within it;
  2. Present a case study in which the problem is identifiable and compelling
  3. Offer a solution or the practical application of a model.

The final paper should be no more and no less than eight (8) pages not including the reference list.

Formatting Instructions

Your final submission should be set up in this way using bold subheadings:

  1. Introduction (½ page) (Completed)
  2. Background of the problem (½ page) (Completed)
  3. Issues (1 page) (Completed)
  4. Complicating Issues & Analysis (1 page per complication issue. i.e. 3 pages)
  5. Possible solutions (1 page) (Completed)
  6. Recommendation (1 page) (Completed)
  7. Anticipated outcome (1/2 page) (Completed)
  8. Conclusion (1/2 page) (Completed)

Follow this Format for the outline:

  1. Do not use a cover page. Instead, create a header with your name, assignment name, and date. To do this in Word, go to “insert” and then “header.” Do the same thing to insert‘footer’ and include page numbers. If you need help, use the ‘help’ function to learn more within Word.
  2. Your submission should be no more and no less than 8 pages.
  3. Use Turabian in-text citations with a reference list. Do not use footnotes.

Submission Instructions

  1. Review your submission and make sure that you have covered the requirements of the assignment and the submission format.
  2. Review your submission to make sure you have written in the third person and that you have a clear thesis statement.
  3. Use this format to name your file: YourlastnameFinal.docx.
  4. Use standard word settings for the assignment. Double-space, 12 pt. font (Calibri, Helvetica or Arial as a last resort).
  5. Upload the document to the correct folder in assignments.

*I will include the essay that I have completed so far. Only section four needs to be completed. I have highlighted this section on the attached document. I will also attach the outline for the essay. *

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