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Pages 1 and 2: Introduce the paper and summarize A Question of Freedom—two complete pages in length

  • Introduce in the first paragraph A Question of Freedomand Privilege, Power and Difference, as well as the six (6) key concepts that you will be discussing in your analysis. Your thesis should contain all of six (6) concepts you will be discussing in your analysis.
  • Use your own words to summarize the novel, cite at the end of your summary
  • Do not borrow language from reviewers, Amazon.com, etc.
  • Identify the major characters
  • Focus on those parts of the novel that connect to concepts in Privilege, Power, and Difference, as well as the concepts of ethics and social responsibility. **However you should not be discussing these pillars here, only focusing on events that relate to them.

Page #3: React to A Question of Freedom—one complete page in length

  • Do not express whether you thought the novel was boring, exciting, well-acted (etc.)
  • Use “I,” but do not use an informal or unprofessional tone
  • Make sure that this section is coherent and well organized (do not fall into the ramblings associated with a “free-flow of consciousness”)
  • Do express your reaction to critical events in the book
  • Do express how critical events in the book might connect to your life
  • Do express how you may have acted/reacted under similar circumstances

Pages 4 and 5: Analysis—connecting the novel to significant concepts in Privilege, Power, and Difference, as well as ethics and social responsibility.

  • Use paraphrases or direct quotes from A Question of Freedomto describe events that connect to key concepts/terms you have identified in Privilege, Power, and Difference.
  • Use direct quotes from Privilege, Power, and Differenceto define significant concepts/terms. * Make at least sixwell developed connections from the novel to the textbook. Connections= six significant concepts/terms from Privilege, Power and Differenceexplained through specific events in A Question of Freedom.
    • Please note, concepts are not random quotes pulled from the text, concepts are significant words/phrases used throughout the text (Examples: racism, sexism, isms, matrix of oppression, matrix of domination, oppression, path of least resistance, dominance, etc.) but are not entire paragraphs pulled from the textbook). If the concepts/term cannot be defined in Johnson’s words it is not a concept/term/connection. Direct quotes from Johnson should not exceed three lines of text in your paper.
    • Include a succinct, well written, concluding paragraph.

Page 6: Work Cited

  • Use APA citation style
  • Cite A Question of Freedomand Privilege, Power, and Differenceonly
  • Make sure that your entries are in alphabetical order
  • Make sure that if your entry is two lines in length that you indent the correct line
  • Make sure that your entries are correctly formatted

Additional requirements:

  • Do not include a cover page (it is not necessary since you will be submitting your paper via the Blackboard site)
  • Name in right hand corner of page #1
  • Header on every page with your last name and page number
  • Title: Summary, Reaction, and Analysis Paper #3: A Question of Freedom—centered directly below name ( SHIFT+ENTER one time below your name, SHIFT + ENTER one time below the title of the paper)
  • Do not include the date or the name of the class (since you are uploading it to Blackboard, I have this information)
  • Double-spaced
  • 10-12 point font
  • Standard (that is, not funky) font (Times New Roman or Arial)
  • Standard margins (1” all the way around)
  • Standard indent at the beginning of each paragraph
  • Standard space between each paragraph ( a single double space rather than a double space.
  • Standard paragraph length (5-8 sentences)
  • Italicize titles (novel and text book)
  • Succinct introduction that introduces A Question of Freedomand Privilege, Power and Difference, as well as the six (6) key concepts that you will be discussing in your analysis. The six concepts should be listed in your thesis statement.
  • Succinct conclusion that ties everything together
  • Warning: You will earn a deficient grade (D+ or below) for committing any one of the following critical errors:

    • Not introducing A Question of Freedomand Privilege, Power and Differencein the first paragraph, as well as the key concepts/terms that you will be discussing in your analysis- this should be in your thesis
    • Not italicizing titles throughout the paper
    • Not following the paper structure (to a tee), summary-2 complete pages (including the introductory paragraph), reaction-1 complete page, and analysis-2 complete pages (including the concluding paragraph). Your works cited page should be your 6 thpage.
    • Not including direct quotes from Privilege, Power and Differencethat define concepts. Do not include random quotes.
    • Not providing 6 connectionsfrom Privilege, Power, and Differencein the analysis section
    • Not citing A Question of Freedomand Privilege, Power and Differencein-text and on reference page.
    • Incorrectly formatting in-text citations (this includes putting the period in the wrong place, adding a comma where there shouldn’t be one and not adding a comma where there should be one, not including the p. # for direct quotes, etc.)
    • Incorrectly formatting work-cited page (this includes not putting the entries in the correct order (alphabetical) and not indenting the second and third lines of entries)
    • Plagiarizing (representing someone else’s work as your own)
    • You will earn an automatic zero (0) for submitting a paper that does not meet the basic section and page length requirements.

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