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Part 1 – Case Study (10 pts)

Choose a brand with a successful social media campaign on Instagram and write a paragraph walking us through their case study. (Google “successful Instagram campaigns” or “Instagram case studies” to find your brand.)You must cite your sources. *Don’t forget to include a Works Cited section at the end* Do not copy and paste information or you will risk receiving 0 credit for the assignment.

Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the brand and who is their target demographic?
  2. What were their goals and what did they do for the campaign?
  3. What were the results of the campaign?

Part 2 – Social Media Audit – (20 pts)

Evaluate the brand on Instagram. Analyze at least 1 month of content and answer the questions below. Number your answers and write in complete sentences.

  1. How many followers do they have and how many are they following?
  2. How often do they post? Is it consistent?
  3. What types of content do they post?
  4. Do they mostly post original content, curated content, or user-generated content?
  5. Can you shop from the account? If so, how?
  6. What kind of discounts or promotions do they offer? How often, if ever, do they offer special promos/discounts?
  7. Do they incentivize followers to engage with them?
  8. On average, how many likes/ comments do they receive? Does the amount of likes and comments they receive make sense for how many followers they have? What is their engagement rate? Use this formula ( Likes + Comments, divided by number of followers, times 100.)
  9. Do they respond to positive and negative comments?
  10. What kind of hashtags do they use? Do they have specific hashtags that they use regularly?
  11. Do they utilize the profile pic and bio well? What are they?
  12. Do they seem to use a consistent filter on all of their photos?
  13. Do they use geotags?
  14. Do they tag other accounts in their photos?
  15. Do they utilize stories or go live? What kind of content is seen here? Do they use story highlights? If so, how?

Part 3 – Analysis (10 pts)

In your own words, describe why you believe this brand is successful (or not) on Instagram. List 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses. Explain one way you believe the brand could improve on Instagram.

Part 4 – Content Calendar (10 pts)

Create 2 new Instagram posts and 1 story (3 posts total)for your brand for a Thanksgiving campaign.

  • Your posts must include an image, a geotag location, at least one other tagged account (different from the account that's posting), a caption, and 3 relevant hashtags.
  • Your story must include an image and a swipe up. The link can be to a website home page, product page, new blog post, YouTube video, or anything else.

Include images, captions, and links inside the assignment. You may include the items separately, or create a mock-post inside Instagram and screenshot it. As long as all required information is included.

Note about assignments: You must upload your assignment as one document only, and in the proper format (pdf). Failure to do so will result in a deduction of points or zero credit.

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