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(PLEASE READ BEFORE STARTING). There are no known typos in the exam. In problems that have no multiple choice answer please submit a word document (docx or doc) or PDF via email, showing ALL your work so that you might get partial credit in trying to solve the problem. There is also a space provided for "essay" type questions where you are supposed to show your work. I would highly advise you submit all work you do whether multiple choice or not in this word document or PDF.

A circuit has two resistor in series. The first is 1000 and the second is 10,000 . If the applied voltage is 12.0 V what is the power dissipated in each resistor?



See the figure. If net force on the 1 nC charge is zero. What is q? (n is nano and means 10 -9)

[removed]A) 0.68 nC
[removed]B) 0.75 nC
[removed]C) 12.0 nC
[removed]D) 1.0 nC


The mass of a proton is 1.6726 × 10 -27kg and the mass of a neutron is 1.6749 × 10 -27kg. A proton captures a neutron forming a deuterium nucleus. One would expect the mass of this nucleus to be:

[removed]A) greater than (1.6726 + 1.6749) × 10 -27kg.
[removed]B) less than (1.6726 + 1.6749) × 10 -27kg.
[removed]C) equal to (1.6726 + 1.6749) × 10 -27kg.
[removed]D) any of these; it depends on the energy released during the capture.


Calculate the binding energy of



A beam of light traveling in air is incident on a transparent plastic at an angle of incidence of 26 o. What is the angle of refraction if the index of refection of the material is 1.41?

[removed]A) 12 o
[removed]B) 26 o
[removed]C) 18 o
[removed]D) 51 o


The work function of a material is 3.5 eV. If the material is the illuminated with monochromatic light (l = 300 nm), what are:

a) the stopping potential

b) the cutoff frequency



An atom has 8 protons and 17 nucleons. If it undergoes beta - decay, what are the number of protons and neutrons, respectively, in the daughter nucleus?

[removed]A) 8, 18
[removed]B) 7, 16
[removed]C) 8, 17
[removed]D) 9, 17


If light is traveling from a material with an index of refraction of 1.57 into air, what is the critical angle for total internal reflection?

[removed]A) 97.3 o
[removed]B) 39.6 o
[removed]C) 15.9 o
[removed]D) 12.1 o


A radioactive sample has a half-life of 2.5 min. What fraction of the sample is left after 40 min?

[removed]A) 1/256
[removed]B) 1/16
[removed]C) 1/8
[removed]D) 1/65,536


An object is 25 cm from a thin lens with a focal length of 15 cm. Where is the image formed?

[removed]A) 39 cm
[removed]B) 20 cm
[removed]C) 37.5 cm
[removed]D) 10 cm


In the ground state, the quantum numbers (n, l, m l, m s) for hydrogen are, respectively,

[removed]A) 1, 1, 1, 1.
[removed]B) 1, 0, 0, 0.
[removed]C) 1, 1, 1, ±1/2.
[removed]D) 1, 0, 0, ±1/2.


If a circuit has a total resistance of 24 and 2.5 x 10 23e charges flow past a terminal point in 2.0 minutes, what is the applied voltage?

[removed]A) 12.0 V
[removed]B) 80.0 V
[removed]C) 9.00 V
[removed]D) 8010 V


A photon is incident on a metal that has a work function of 6.80 eV. If the longest wavelength of light is emitted, what type of light is this?

[removed]A) radio
[removed]B) visible
[removed]C) ultraviolet
[removed]D) infrared


The energy of a 2.00 keV electron is known to within ±3.00%. How accurately can its position be measured?

[removed]A) 6.0 x 10 -10m
[removed]B) 2.1 x 10 -10m
[removed]C) 8.4 x 10 -10m
[removed]D) 1.5 x 10 -10m


How many neutrons are produced?

[removed]A) 2.
[removed]B) 3.
[removed]C) 12.
[removed]D) 1.


A magnetic flux of 50 Wb increases to 100 Wb in 10 seconds, what is the induced emf?

[removed]A) 12.0 V
[removed]B) 5.0 V
[removed]C) 10.0 V
[removed]D) No emf is induced


A radioactive sample has a half-life of 10.0 min. If the sample decrease by a factor of 1/16 how much time has passed?

[removed]A) 10.0 min
[removed]B) 20.0 min
[removed]C) 15.0 min
[removed]D) 40.0 min


If an energy intensity of 2000 W is exerted by a spherical source what will be its average power output at a distance of 12 m from it?

[removed]A) 3.1 W/m 2
[removed]B) 1.1 W/m 2
[removed]C) 2.1 W/m 2
[removed]D) 4.1 W/m 2


What is the photon energy of blue light has an energy of 5.68x10 -19J, what is its wavelength?

[removed]A) 350 nm
[removed]B) 450 nm
[removed]C) 200 nm
[removed]D) 550 nm


If 4.0 × 10 18atoms decay with a half-life of 9.2 years, how many are remaining after 15.2 years?

[removed]A) 7.6 × 10 17
[removed]B) 1.7 × 10 17
[removed]C) 1.3 × 10 18
[removed]D) 1.1 × 10 18


An electron is accelerated from rest to a speed of 7.89 x 106 m/s, what potential difference did it cross?

[removed]A) 512 V
[removed]B) 177 V
[removed]C) 300 V
[removed]D) 295 V


If the force between two charges decreases by a factor of 100 because the charges are moved further apart?

[removed]A) 10
[removed]B) 16
[removed]C) 2
[removed]D) 8


If a long current carrying wire created a magnetic field of 1.2 x 10-7 T, what is the current if you are 12.0 cm from it?



An atom has 97 protons and 251 nucleons. If it undergoes alpha decay, what are the number of protons and nucleons, respectively, in the daughter nucleus?

[removed]A) 94, 247
[removed]B) 96, 245
[removed]C) 100, 249
[removed]D) 95, 247


In the nuclear reaction e- + e+ (assume the particles are not moving to begin with), what is the net energy released in keV?

[removed]A) 1022 keV
[removed]B) 511 keV
[removed]C) 1,000,000 keV
[removed]D) 100 keV



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