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Description: A Business Plan
Define a business idea,
preferably one that you create, that might work as a start-up firm in the United
States. Your proposed firm should provide a particular
product or service mainly to customers located outside the United States.

Then, using your knowledge in operation management, explain how
your firm could succeed in foreign markets by applying any of the described
global strategies.  Select a country or countries (or a region) to focus on and
explain why that market would be best for your firm. (Remember to discuss
institutions.)  Provide a detailed assessment of the product or service and of
the country or region that will be your selected market.

Finally, describe the specific steps that your firm would take to enter that
foreign market.  Consider resources, logistics, and competition in this part of
your discussion.  This is the heart of your paper and should clearly explain the
business strategy you plan to use.

Your paper should include at least seven research articles from peer reviewed
journals, in addition to books and other credible sources. You should use
professional and academic references only.  You may use electronic references,
but they must be reputable and verifiable sources.  Do not use unverifiable
sources such as articles without a responsible author or institution.

Your paper should be 5-6 pages in length, well-written, and properly

The structure of your paper should be as follows:

  • Introduction and Background on the business idea (1 page).

  • Description of the product or service that will be provided and why it would
    be in demand in the given market you’ve chosen (1 page).

  • Explanation of the target market—why did you select it, what is the legal,
    political, and economic environment in that market (1 page).

  • Strategic Analysis – walk the reader through your business strategy.  What
    model will you use, why did you choose it, and what will make it successful in
    this market with this product or service (2-3 pages).

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