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Print out a list with 4 choices:

Play(Rock, paper and scissors)

Play( guess the number)

Play(coin toss guess"heads and tails")

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-Rock paper scissors:

The player chooses one of three choices and then a random value prints so he will win , tie or lose.

-Head tails:

He chooses head or tails and random value prints. If it is the same as his guess he will win.

-Random number:

The player chooses a range of two numbers and he guesses a random number between the numbers he chose. The player gets a number of guesses depending on the range he chose "if it was a long range he gets more chances". And if he guessed a number i should display a message that says " the number is higher. Or if the number was less than his guess i display a message that says " the number is lower"


-Write every game in a separate definition at the top of the program

- The project must feature at least 3 custom functions defined by me" Which is the three games or anything you like"

. The project must feature at least 1 loop

- i want a score printed with the list like this.

W = "the times he won"

L = " the time he lost"

-After each game ask the user if he wants to play again or if he wants to go back to the list.

-Finally print his score if he exits the program.


*Attached is an example of the guessing game or how i would want the games to be displayed + i would like a specific number of guesses given to the user depending on the range*

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