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Your essay should be 1,000–1,200 words (4–5 pages), double-spaced, in APA format, and with 3 or more credible sources. Begin your essay by choosing one issue from the list below, and then choose a total of 6 theories (from the subsequent 3 options) to analyze your issue.

Choose one issue from the categories below, about which you feel most passionate:

  • Animal Rights and Environmental Ethics
  • Business or Health Care Ethics
  • Cloning, Stem Cell Research, Genetic Issues
  • Civil Liberties
  • Death Penalty
  • Drug Policy
  • End of (Human) Life Issues
  • Global Justice and Injustice
  • Racism, Discrimination, Hate Crimes, Oppression
  • Sexuality
  • War and Terrorism

Analyze your chosen issue using 6 theories. Choose 2 from each of the 3 categories listed below.

Choose 2 from the primary list:

  • Utilitarian ethics
  • Kantian ethics
  • Virtue ethics

Choose another 2 from the traditional theories list:

  • Ethical Egoism
  • Ethical Relativism
  • Divine Command Theory
  • Natural Law Theory
  • Social Contract Theory

Choose an additional 2 theories from the contemporary or non-Western list:

  • African ethics
  • Eastern ethics
  • Feminist ethics or Care-based ethics
  • Postmodernism ethics
  • Environmental Theories (Ecofeminist, Deep Ecology…)

All directions are here. please list all references

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