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Which of the following was true about data processing in the 1970s and early 1980s?

  • A. Internet and World Wide Web applications were the most prevalent type
  • B. Demand for applications was high and there was a long and growing backlog of work
  • C. Apple computers were widely used in corporations and government
  • D. Users were able to get technology deployed very quickly
  • Question 2 of 20

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    Which one of the following is not a system development life cycle phase?

  • A. Development
  • B. Funding
  • C. Feasibility and Design
  • D. Testing
  • Question 3 of 20

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    Which two of the following were the sources of most system implementation errors?

  • A. Design and coding
  • B. Requirements and design
  • C. Requirements and coding
  • D. None of the above
  • Question 4 of 20

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    According to your readings, which of the following was NOT predicted to be true about the role of the CIO in 2020?

  • A. The IT Department won’t be physical
  • B. CIOs will manage fewer humans
  • C. CIOs will impact business direction
  • D. The CIO role will be obsolete and replaced by the CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
  • Question 5 of 20

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    We read a case study about implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software at Rolls Royce. Problems encountered during the effort are ones that are commonly encountered. Which of the following problems WAS NOT cited in the case?

  • A. Training people to accept change and do business in a TOTALLY new way
  • B. Problems matching the traditional processes to the software configuration
  • C. Coordinating between U.S. offices and headquarters in Germany
  • D. Cleaning up the data from the “legacy” (old) systems
  • Question 6 of 20

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    According to one of our readings, system implementation success depends on the interaction of technology and the organization. Which one of the following factors is the problem in this case?

  • A. Awareness of the linkage between system success dimensions and project risks factors
  • B. Commitment throughout the organization starting with top management
  • C. Institutional and cultural separation between users and designers
  • D. Threat of reduced control over a user’s work
  • Question 7 of 20

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    User involvement is critical for system success. Which of the following factors is NOT a reason for user resistance?

  • A. End users have been competent at using the old system
  • B. End users are unfamiliar with the new system
  • C. End users are risk averse
  • D. End users are typically older and unable to learn new technology
  • Question 8 of 20

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    Best practices for managing IT contractors include all of the following EXCEPT which one?

  • A. Using many different contracting companies
  • B. Guarding the contractor Gateway
  • C. Separating Design and Build responsibilities
  • D. Managing Project Management
  • Question 9 of 20

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    Which of the following contract types pushes the risk to the contractor?

  • A. Fixed price contract
  • B. Bill As Much As You Want Contract
  • C. Cost reimbursement (time and materials) contract
  • D. Funny money contract
  • Question 10 of 20

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    In a performance-based contract, which benefit offers greatest opportunity to increase innovation?

  • A. Improved surveillance capabilities
  • B. Contractor involved in solutions rather than step-by-step tasks
  • C. Better value
  • D. Reduction in contract risk
  • Question 11 of 20

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    A business case is essential. It focuses management and project personnel on cost and schedule. What third important dimension is also a vital part of a business case?

  • A. Innovation
  • B. Risk
  • C. Complexity
  • D. Variability
  • Question 12 of 20

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    According to one of your readings, which of the following is NOT included as a category of failure?

  • A. Users maintain low or non-interaction with the IS
  • B. The IS uses too many contractors
  • C. The IS overruns its budget or schedule
  • D. The IS fails to meet its design objectives
  • Question 13 of 20

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    In Government at the Brink, which of the following was identified as a “big part of the problem?”

  • A. Poor design
  • B. Not aligning technology with the role of the agency
  • C. Not focusing on requirements
  • D. Having too many contractors involved in a project
  • Question 14 of 20

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    The Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996 required that agencies do what?

  • A. Bring agency spending in line with Congressional guidelines
  • B. Spend less money on information technology
  • C. Implement an IT Capital Planning and Investment Control Process
  • D. Use more off-the-shelf software
  • Question 15 of 20

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    Which of the following is NOT an element of a CPIC process?

  • A. Select
  • B. Control
  • C. Evaluate
  • D. Criticize
  • Question 16 of 20

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    Which factor is most relevant in the success of an Investment Review Board?

  • A. Solid record keeping
  • B. Regular meetings
  • C. Use of an Enterprise Architecture
  • D. Involvement of senior agency leadership
  • Question 17 of 20

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    Which of the following is most problematic for the launch of the Affordable Care Act?

  • A. Political in-fighting on Capitol Hill
  • B. Use of too many contractors
  • C. Requirements continued to change until the last minute
  • D. Not enough capacity
  • Question 18 of 20

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    Why is technology so difficult to manage?

  • A. Because it costs so much
  • B. Because computer geeks just don't get it
  • C. Because computer people are not paid enough
  • D. There are many reasons
  • Question 19 of 20

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    If you are appointed to head a large agency, what would be the first action you would take to improve IT success?

  • A. Implement a CPIC process
  • B. Out-source the technology function
  • C. Reduce IT spending
  • D. Fire the Chief Information Officer
  • Question 20 of 20

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    Which part of the business case is most useful for asking probing questions when considering approving a new IT project?

  • A. Risk inventory and assessment
  • B. Alternatives analysis
  • C. Justification
  • D. Description
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