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English 302 – Module 4 Discipline Awareness Project - PartII
Research methodology, Research in your discipline, and Research/career opportunities

in preparation for

Discipline AwarenessProject – Final Draft – Due 10/14 (See pp. 2-3 for Final Draft format)

This Module continues the research you completed in Module 3 on professional associations and scholarly journals in your discipline. Once you have completed the research below for Module 4, you will be ready to compose the Final Draft of your Discipline Awareness Project, sharing what you have discovered about your discipline regarding

professional associations,


the types of research methodology scholars in your discipline use,

the issues currently being researched and written about by professors in your discipline at Mason, and

how you can work with a disciplinementor,

study abroad,

or take advantage of student research and career opportunities in your discipline.


I. To locate the information you will need to include in your Final Draft (in addition to what you found in Module 3 on associations and journals), follow these steps:

1. Go to: www.gmu.edu> ACADEMICS>Schools and Colleges>click on the School or College that contains your discipline (program); for example, Marketing is in the School of Business.

Once you have found the School or College of your discipline AND your program’s own web page, explore the sites by clicking on links such as “Research,” “Faculty Research,” “Goals/mission,” etc. to locate and compile the following information about research in your discipline. You will need this information for Essay # 2:

A. the goal/mission/objectives of the School or College AND of your particular discipline/major (Accounting, Applied IT Security, Health Administration, ISOM, etc.). You will need to explore both the School or College site AND your Program’s site.

B. the research currently (2012-2018) being conducted or published by THREE members of your discipline. Take notes on the research methodology the faculty members are using/used (case study,

clinical research, quantitative, qualitative, meta-analysis; operations research, etc. ).

C. As you are taking notes on the three faculty members’ research methodology and project, also record the name of the journal in which the faculty member’s project/paper was published. In some cases, the faculty member’s research may have been presented at an association’s conference.

D. Once you have gathered the information above regarding the research of the faculty members in your discipline, locate the following information, using either (or both) the School of College’s web page or your discipline’s web page:

- Faculty MENTORS in your discipline –record the names and email addresses of two.
- Opportunities to Study Abroad in your discipline – compose a brief description, including a contact

person and email address.

- Opportunities for internships, career fairs, and research with a faculty member –compose a brief description of each and contact information.

NOTE: I have given you a basic path to use to help you locate the information you will need to compose your Final Draft; however, I encourage you to explore other links on the GMU site, the School/College site, and on your discipline site. For example, if your discipline is in the School of Business, check out the Business BUZZ Blog http://business.gmu.edu/blog/buzz/link in the UndergraduateMajors link.

In addition, you can also gather information about research in your discipline by exploring the RESEARCH link http://research.gmu.edu/on the gmu.edu Home Page. There are five links beneath this general RESEARCH link that may help you find research conducted by faculty in your discipline.

REMEMBER, the University frequently removes, revises, and re-locates links. If you click on a link I have included in this assignment, but you get an Error message, try using Mason’s Search function to locate the information. Research takes time and patience.

II. Final Draft – Discipline Awareness Project – What I Have Discovered about My Discipline {Use this as the title of your essay}

Description: The purpose of this essay is to describe what you have learned about your discipline by completing the assignments in Module 3-professional associations and scholarly journals AND in Module 4 - research methodology, research in your discipline, and research/career opportunities. Your essay will complete the Discipline Awareness project requirement. Submit ONLY your complete Final Draft. Do NOT submit the notes you took as you completed the research for Module 4.

Review your notes and reflect on what you have discovered about your discipline/major in the following

1) professional associations,
2) journals,
3) the types of research methodology scholars in your discipline use,


3 4) the issues currently being researched and written about by professors in your discipline at Mason, and

5) how you can work with a disciplinementor,
6) study abroad, or
7) take advantage of student research and career opportunities in your discipline.

Next, compose a 1200-1500-word essay that describes your new awareness of your major/discipline, organizing it around the seven components above. Do NOT simply copy and paste what you wrote for Module 3 or your notes in Module 4.

This is not an objective report; while it includes information on what you discovered, it is an essay/paper of reflection and analysis that has the characteristics of an essay—an introduction that ends with a claim regarding your new awareness of your discipline; adequate supporting paragraphs to support your claim, including what was valuable/surprising/disappointing about what you learned about the seven components; and a conclusion that tells me how you feel about your major now that you have a greater awareness of it AND what your next steps might be to explore the day-to-day routine of someone working in your field.

Follow either MLA or APA manuscript format. Since you will only be using links on the GMU web site, you do not need to have a Works Cited or References page, but you must use internal attribution, such as, “On the Accounting Department web site, I discovered that there are two faculty members currently researching tax fraud...”

Proofread carefully for diction (word choice), syntax (sentence structure) and mechanics (punctuation, spelling, capitalization,etc.).

Save your document as a WORD docx and attach in the ASSIGNMENTS-Attach Module Assignments Here link by the due date andtime.

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