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building a business on web for this class. Have listed last paper that shows how the business is growing and name along with web pages to look at. have to write a new paper using   .. this below and here


Unit 7 & 8 – Due for Assignment 3 of Unit 8

6.0 Operational ManagementPlans Overview

· For the Operational Management planning, your team must analyze the task functions of personnel required by the store. Are these employed or contracted?

· For the Operational Management planning, your team must analyze the technology required to effectively operate as a 490Retail.com store owner. 

· Evaluate and suggest additional technology applications “Store Owners” should consider for their store operations. (Mobile, Accounting, Etc?)

· Design the Fulfillment Channel, include listing the reports determined in last deliverable. This would be discussed and designed in a Graphic view.

· Analyze potential issues that might occur within the fulfillment channel.

· Analyze and chart the various communications within the distribution channel, and provide how these communications will be taking place. (What reports are needed and for whom?)

6.1 Technology Requirements for Stores

6.2 Website Design Requirements

6.3 Fulfillment Operations

6.4 Operational Storyboard/Chart

7.0 Financial PlanningOverview

· Evaluate the cost structure for the entire store operations, providing an annual sales forecast and break even analysis.

· Prepare analysis of suggested cost requirements for Store Owners beyond the operation of the store (accounting, legal, etc)

· Evaluate Tax implications for offering this online store and specific product.

· Evaluate Tax implications to provide recommendations for Store Owner.

7.1 Financial Requirements for Store Owners

7.2 Sample Sales Forecast & Break Even Analysis for Product Operations

7.3 Tax Management requirements for Store Owners


Web page that can be used for research


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