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Topic: information risk management in management information security

Writing points: What it is, history of it, how it has changed over time, how it operates in todays world, what it could be in the future

For the project Students will be assigned a topic for one area of the course and present a report of no less than 7 Pages with appropriate references and no more than 1 page of supporting documents such as charts, figures, etc. Project must be typed in times new roman 12 point font double spaced with one sided printing, Grammatically correct with no spelling errors, well organized and in third person style.

General Writing Format

▪ General formatting

• Font: 12-point Times New Roman.

• Margins: Set one-inch margins on all four sides.

• Italics: Italicize titles of all major works, e.g., titles of books, periodicals, movies, music albums, video games, and TV series.

• Spacing: Double-space all lines in the body of the paper and in the separate reference page.

• Indentation: Indent paragraphs by half an inch. •

Pagination: Set page numbers sequentially, starting with "1" on the title page.

▪ Cover page

▪ Title of paper

▪ Your name

▪ Your school name

▪ Your instructor name

▪ Body of the paper

• Write solid, organized paragraphs that are supported by research, where necessary.

• Document research with proper in-text citations.

• Use a concise, professional tone.

• Meet the required page count.

▪ Reference Page

• Set off on a separate page within the same document (following the end of the body, use the page break function or hit enter until you reach a clean page).

• List a complete reference entry for each in-text citation (except Personal Communications).

• Use a half inch hanging indent for any reference with more than two lines; for help, refer to Microsoft's page on how to create a hanging indent.

• Organize reference entries alphabetically.

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