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Use the following case study of two Universities and their attempts to protect against Laptop theft

• Submit a Facility Security Plan that would have helped prevent this organization from experiencing this failure

• No photos or graphs in your paper

• Reference all sources used

• You may submit a second review if you change your mind after submitting the first review, but only the last attempt will be graded

• You may use the following guidelines as a template for the content of you FSP (Facility Security Plan) https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publicatio...

The PowerPoint Presentation may include pictures, floor layouts, etc.

Steps to follow:

Must be in APA format

Papers containing the minimum number of references and/or minimum number of pages will most likely not earn a high grade.

Go to http:// inside.ucumberlands.edu/library and search the Databases/Journals Other sources include:

Academic Search Complete




ProQuest Dissertations & Theses

ACM Digital Library

IEEE Xplore

Computing Research Repository (CoRR) Microsoft Academic


Find White Papers


Web of Science (and InCites ESI & JCR)

Computers & Applied Sciences Complete

Computing Database (1998-current)

Homeland Security Digital Library

Journals include:

Journal of Physical Security

Security Management

Journal of Applied Security Research

Security Journal

Computer World

Security Technology & Design

Technology Executive


Security Technology Executive

Information Security


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