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Question 1 

An example of a corporate strategy would involve the decision to:

A. increase the price of the Hummer.    

B. spin Taco Bell off from Pepsi.    

C. combine marketing functions in the Northeast and the Southeast.    

D. increase the advertising budget for Coca-Cola.    


Question 2 

As part of its training, most military academies teach the:

A. Nine Principles of War.    

B. Seven Principles of Success.    

C. Five Keys to Effectiveness.    

D. Three Principles to Effective Leadership.    


Question 3 

The academic discipline primarily responsible for the development of strategic management is:

A. accounting.    

B. economics. 

C. biology.    

D. philosophy.    


Question 4 

In the development of strategic management as a discipline, Alfred Chandler wrote the book:

A. Corporate Strategy.    

B. Business Policy: Text and Cases.    

C. The Pursuit of Excellence.    

D. Strategy and Structure.    


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