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chose one of those

  • Films:
    • Alien(1979)
    • Alien: Covenant(2017)
    • Aliens(1986)
    • Annihilation(2018)
    • Arrival(2016)
    • Avatar(2009)
    • E.T.(1982)
    • Independence Day(1996)
    • Prometheus(2012)
    • Signs(2002)
    • War of the Worlds(2005)
    TV Shows (Aim for 2-4 episodes):
    • Colony
    • Futurama
    • Lost in Space
    • The Orville
    • Roswell
    • Star Trek(any iterations work, but The Original Series with Spock is a classic)
    • X-Files
    then craft 4 paragraphsParagraph #1: Summarize the film or series of episodes, briefly, in your own words.Paragraph #2: Analyze examples of ethos.Paragraph #3: Analyze examples of pathos.Paragraph #4: Analyze examples of logos.
    Your whole critical response should be about 400-800 words
    MLA format your documen

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