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Question 1

  1. Match the post-Civil War figures to what they are most known for.
    Andrew Johnson
    Rutherford B. Hayes
    Eugene V. Debs
    Andrew Carnegie
    John D. Rockefeller
    Cornelius Vanderbilt
    Hiram Revels
    J. Pierpont Morgan
    Susan B. Anthony
    Virginia Minor
    A. Accused of being too sympathetic to the South following the war; he would be the first impeached American President
    B. Unlikely replacement of Ulysses S. Grant as Republican candidate and beneficiary of office after the Compromise of 1877
    C. Investment banker who created U.S. Steel Corporation, which became America's first billion-dollar firm
    D. Scottish steel magnate and author of The Gospel of Wealth
    E. Tried to register to vote in 1872 where, upon being turned away, would take the case to the Supreme Court
    F. American oil tycoon who was famous for efforts to monopolize the refining industry using railroads
    G. Notable social justice advocate who was famous for forming several associations geared at promoting equal rights for women
    H. Elected by the Mississippi state legislature in 1870 and became the country's first African American U.S. Senator
    I. Created the New York Central Railroad Company by consolidating several small lines
    J. President of the American Railway Union who led the Pullman strike

Question 2

  1. Match the late 19th-century term with the appropriate descriptor.
    Wounded Knee
    Homestead Act
    Social Darwinism
    Dawes Act
    Jim Crow
    Whiskey Ring
    Crop-lien system
    Freedmen's Bureau
    Enforcement Acts
    Manifest Destiny
    A. Including figures like Orville Babcock, a reference to those in the Grant Administration involved in taking money from bribed goods
    B. Term coined by magazine editor John O'Sullivan in 1845; implies divine encouragement and right for territorial expansion
    C. Location of 1890 battle in South Dakota where the massacre of 150 to 300 Native Americans ended the Indian Wars
    D. A theory devised by Herbert Spencer, which argued that the most fit and capable enjoyed the greatest success
    E. Allowed any head of household or individual over the age of 21 to receive a parcel of 160 acres for only a nominal filing fee
    F. The agreement of extending credit to farmers under the agreement that the debtors would pay with a portion of their future harvest
    G. Segregation policies that impoverished generations of African Americans
    H. Permitted the federal government to divide the lands of any tribe and grant grazing land
    I. Created to ease the transition of African Americans from slavery to freedom; directed that leases and titles to lands in the South be made available to former slaves
    J. Outlawed intimidation at the polls and gave the federal government the power to prosecute crimes against freed people in federal courts

Question 3

  1. Discuss how or if post-Civil War America was truly a period of reform and justice for marginalized populations or if the population and economic landscapes provided for new forms of social and professional segregation. Use examples to support your answer. Your response must be at least 200 words in length.

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