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My company type: Commercial Companies

I. Purpose

The purpose of Flowchart and Storyboard assignment is to formally document the interaction design for the Website that you will create at the end of this semester. The flowchart and storyboard document is a major deliverable of the design phase of the Web development process. The document should demonstrate attention to detail and accurately reflect the intended design of your Website.

II. Steps

  • 1)Review the example Flowchart and Storyboard documents (template and examples) to gain an understanding of the format and content for these documents. Be sure to study both the template and the completed documents.
  • 2)Using the project company type that you wrote about in your Review Paper (Project #1), pick a fictional company that you will use to create your own Website. For example, if you wrote about a commercial company then your fictional Website should be a commercial company. (Please use commercial company).In my project 1 I used apple.com and tesla.com which are examples of commercial company types.
  • 3)Consider the design of Websites that you researched, and use your own creativity and multimedia design knowledge to envision the design and interaction for your own fictional Website. Once you have an idea about the type of Website that you want to design, you will formally document your design for this assignment.
  • 4)Using the template and examples provided, develop a flowchart and storyboard for your fictional Website. It will be a single MS Word document containing the flowchart and storyboard for your Website as follows:
    • The first page of your document will be the flowchart of your Website.
    • The Home page of your Website should be based on a responsive web design(RWD), so the layout and content adjust according to different device and screen sizes, i.e., desktop (769px~1232px), tablet (481px~768px), and mobile (480px and below).
      • i.*for the mobile panel layout, please make sure that your content adjusts into a single-column layout in order to receive credit
    • For the panel layout portion, please either mock up the page layout (w/ a description of the unique page content) using image editing software of your choice *or*write out a description of the page layout, paired with a description of the unique page content
    • The rest of the document will be your storyboards. There will be three storyboardpages for the Home page (i.e., desktop, tablet, and mobile) and one storyboard pagefor everyother Web page in your Website.
    • Your Website will have a minimum of 8 pages; therefore, there will be a minimum of 10storyboard pages in your document, in addition to one page for your flowchart, so 11 pages total.
    • One of the pages of your Website will be a Site Map (see http://cfa.gmu.edu/sitemap/for an example of a Site Map).
    • Your site should include a location for a logo (Project #3) as well as a 20-second Flash animation (Project #4) which is no larger than 800x600 and delivers some message about your organization. These will be designed in later projects; for now, just make sure you identify where they will go.
    • Your site should include a navigation bar/menu/tab with rolloverbuttons/links, which can be graphical, link or CSS-based.
    • You will define all font information and color specifications to be used on each page of your Website by specifying the hexadecimal code or illustrating the actual color in your storyboard.
    • Use of FRAMES is not permitted !


- I have attached the project full instructions

- The storyboard template that is needed to complete this project

- A student example of how the project should look like. In the example the student took a extra step and made the layout of how the page will look like after every storyboard, that is not needed in this project so you don't have to do it.

- Total of 11 pages in one single Word Document

Please let me know if you need more clarification. Thank you.

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