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 Select one Strategic Plan from the two listed below and find another plan online or through the Walden University Library"s Gale Virtual Reference Library. Feel free to use the optional links to other Strategic Plans listed below or find your own. Be sure you include the link to the second Strategic Plan in your Assignment. If you work in a health care setting, you can ask for a copy of the Strategic Plan from your organization.

Strategic Plans

Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs MN Veterans Homes Strategic Plan 2008"2013

Home Again Assisted Living

Links to Other Strategic Plans (optional)

Seattle Children's Hospital: Laying the Foundation for the Next 100 Years

Trillium Health Centre's Strategic Plan 2009/10-2011/12

Nevada Strategic Health Care Plan

The Michigan Prisoner Health Care Improvement Project

UC Davis Health System Strategic Plan

By Day 7

Write a 2- to 3-page paperto compare and evaluate the two Strategic Plans you select. Address the following:

  • How are the strategies different?
  • What are the key elements of each Strategic Plan?
  • Compare the goals and strategies identified in each one. Which plan is likely to be more successful and why?
  • Put yourself in the role of a manager at one or both facilities. What are your responsibilities in ensuring one or both are successful?
  • What barriers are there to successful implementation of the strategies, and how could the manager overcome these barriers?

Strategic Plans attachments below

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