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Home Construction Project Management Plan

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IA#03: PMP-Template – Preparation Notes


IA#03: Newman Home Construction PMP Preparation Notes from Dr. Buell’s Zoom Meeting Updated 11-06-20


1   Introduction  – Introduce the project


1.1           PROJECT OVERVIEW – Summarize the project main points.


1.2           PURPOSE – see assignment instructions for purpose information, ie: build a home for the Newman’s, etc.


1.3           OBJECTIVES – State objectives in results that are measureable and obsrvable


2   project plan – Introductory sentence – see information in the assignment instructions in background of the assignment


2.1           SCOPE – See chapter 4 definition of scope and elements


2.2           PROJECT DELIVERABLES – introductory sentence and fill in table of project deliverables


2.3           WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE (WBS) – Add introductory sentence and insert WBS from MS Project, use WBS YouTube video


2.4           SCHEDULE


2.4.1       DEPENDENCIES – Add introductory sentence, see MS Project Schedule Dependences, see MS Project YouTube video tutorial. See textbook definition of the types of dependencies at in start to start, start to finish, etc. Note. construction the home requires completing steps before the next step can begin.


2.5           BUDGET – See Newman schedule with budget ifnormation on percentage draw down expenditures by construction step, total budget amount is the purchase cost of the home


2.6           OTHER RESOURCES


2.7           ASSUMPTIONS – budget will remain the same , scope will not change, buyer’s color, other home options slected will remain the same, add builder departmental personal support will be available as needed, etc.


2.8 CONSTRAINTS  – Check definition of constraints in textbook, project completion could be constrained or impacted by construction materials quality, materials availability, delivery timetable, labor available, labor shortages, delays in completing construction steps due to outside factors as in weather, events that are not under the buiilder’s control, etc.



3   PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN – introductory sentence


3.1           MANAGEMENT – Introduct the construction team which includes the project scheduler, complete the team table, add a person’s name you create, each trade contractor has an owner/manager, most trade contractor companies are small businesses, many times family owned and operated.


3.2           REPORTING REQUIREMENTS – communication plan more than one method for communication, cant just be email. (use zoom or Microsoft teams need to be online so that information in the project schedule and project status is up to date at all times. Construction teams must communicate weekly and frequently during the week to make sure everyone is on the same page and status is current and accurate. Note: communication must be collaborative and interactive.


3.3           COMMUNICATION STRATEGY AND MATRIX – Fill out the table


3.4           RELATED PROJECTS – Include projects that may impact the Newman Home Project.   Use a logical statement like other projects going on around your project or something happening in your subdivision…adjusting utilities or plumbing for other houses, other nearby construction projects, changes in city regulations, city expansion, etc. Also, think about departments in the building company that support the construction and management team.


3.5           RISK AND ISSUES MANAGEMENT PLAN – Think about potential events such as weather, matrials, labor shortages, resource delivery timeliness, etc. These should focus on issues that could delay construction, impact quality, and so on.


3.6           TEST STRATEGY OR PILOT TESTING  – See builder in-house inspections, city/county inspections during the construction process and at the end of the construction process, etc.


4   PROJECT SUCCESS CRITERIA – introductory sentence – buyer satisfaction, builder home quality reputation, builder warranty service follow up and buyer satisfaction and home quality longeevity.


4.1           PROJECT MILESTONES  See MS Project Schedule


4.2           CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS   See Buyer Satisfaction, home quality issues


5   SYSTEM TRANSITION/ROLL OUT PLAN  – See schedule closing step on transitioning the home to the buyer at the completion step, walk through review, inspection, buyer orientation to the home.




7   MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT PLAn  – See service after the sale, warranty service, etc.


8   REFERENCES   – Insert APA Referfence Citations



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