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Deep Ecology and Religion
Is deep ecology a religion? Defend your answer with reference to the assigned readings. (Hint: The Garreau and Wallace readings are helpful here, but also look back at how Gottlieb defines religion on pp. 8-9 of  This Sacred Earth: Religion, Nature, Environment, and be sure to discuss John Seed’s rituals.) If deep ecology is a religion, can an atheist believe in deep ecology? Can someone accept deep ecology without giving up their own traditional religion such as Christianity, Islam, etc.? If you do not believe that deep ecology is a religion, explain why you believe it is not a religion and what distinguishes deep ecology from recognized religions. 
Review your classmates’ posts. As you analyze their examples and present your own position, think about the defining characteristics of a religion and how contemporary society creates conditions in which new religions are created. Utilize these reflections and research on this topic to inform your answers.  
Attend discussion on at least four separate days, and post a total of 800 words. There is no required word count for individual posts as long as all your posts together total 800 words. Nor is there a minimum number of posts, but you must post on at least four separate days by Day 7.
Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your discussion.


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