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First of all i want you to write about president Trump

Keep it easy English is my second language

You have 3 things to read and understand

1 the instruction 2 the Grading Rubric

3 need to find a source from the book and I've had uploaded the book under file

This is a scholarly, data-driven, cited assignment on a Historical or Current Leader. The paper is expected to be between 4 to 5 typed pages, not including APA citations and bibliography. Please ensure you have a coversheet with your name and course number on it. The paper should be Times New Roman, 12-pt font, double spaced and on APA form.

Choose one Leader that you can find articles, books, or data on.

Within the paper discuss:

  • A brief history of leader... (1+ page) Where did they grow up, what inspired them, education level, etc...
  • Where do or did they work, what was their position?
  • Using the textbook, what kind of leadership techniques does, or did this leader use (1-2 pages)? Were they successful?

You should have at least3 outside sources, plus the text book. The outside sources CANNOT be wikipedia or a blog. Ensure that whatever sources you cite within the paper are in your APA bibliography.

Minimize the use of quotations... paraphrase your work and cite it appropriately.

Paper Grading Rubric

Structure, Format, and Organization (10%)

  • Does the paper have an introduction and conclusion?
  • Does the paper have a clear, informative purpose?
  • Are headings within the paper effectively utilized?


Synthesis and Application of Evidence (25%)

  • Has the author used factual/scholarly sources and evidence to support their claims?
  • Are multiple sources utilized to support the paper (at least 1-2 sources per page)?
  • Has the author paraphrasedthe evidence?

Synthesis and Application of Course Materials (25%)

  • Has the author utilized and cited materials presented in the course via text and/or class lectures to support their claims?
  • Has the author adequately answered the assignment’s purpose?
  • Is there evidence of original thought?
  • Has the author used both course materials and outside scholarly evidence to support their claims?

Critical Thinking and Analysis (25%)

Grammar and APA Skills (15%)

  • Is the paper free of grammatical, usage, and spelling errors?
  • Has APA been properly used throughout the paper?
  • Does the paper contain a properly formatted APA bibliography?

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