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1. Agonist 

2. Partial Agonist

3. Antagonist 

4. Affinity 

5. Efficacy

Addictive Disorders

1. Understand Altered States of Consciousness within the context of drug use.

2. Set in the context of substance use - Frame of mind while using

3. Setting - Environment around using. 

4. Understand the difference between use, abuse and dependence. 

5. Is a person an addict for life once they've been addicted. 

6. Are Altered States of Consciousness common? 

7. Understand the definitions of the following: Endorphins, Endogenous. 

8. What is the individual’s experience of an increased amount of endorphins in the synapses?

9. What is methadone? 

10. What are Opiods? 

11. What is methadone used for? 

12. What are some of the concerns surrounding methadone? 

13. What is Suboxone? How is it defined? How is it classified?

14. Know about Opioid, Cocaine and Alcohol withdrawal. Know about the symptons. Which can be life threatening. Which might not be life threatening? 

15. How does cocaine work in the brain? What is its physiological mechanism?

16. What does Cocaine do to Dopamine over the long term? 

17. What can happen with cocaine overdose? 

18. How is cocaine linked to depression? Levels of which neurotransmitter fall? Levels of which neurotransmitter rise? 

19. What is cocaine's link to antisocial behavior?

20. What is one of the experimental and controversial treatments for cocaine addiction? 

21. Does long term marijuana use have an effect on the brain? Yes

22. Gambling is classified as what kind of disorder? 

23. Do gamblers get intoxicated? 

24. Is gambling physically addictive?

25.  Are there physical signs of withdrawal or is it purely psychological? 

26. What psychiatric disorder co-occurs with Gambling?

27. What is the biggest risk that a gambling addicted patient poses that clinicians should be aware of? 

28. Profile of gamblers – Sex; age. 

29. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: decreased IQ ; Borderline Mental Retardation; Mild Mental Retardation. 

30. Wernicke’s disease

31.  Karsakoff’s syndrome

32. Wernicke-Korsakoff’s syndrome. 

33. Role of vitamin B1 in the formation of brain lesions

34. What kind of amnesia is common in patients with Korsakoff’s syndrome? 

35. Value of Alcoholics Anonymous and other support groups. 

36. Antisocial behavior and cocaine abuse

37. Antisocial behavior and addiction in general 

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