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Topic:Diseases or disorders of any of the systems we studied, including:

Plants, Reproduction, Development, Endocrine, Neurons & Nervous system, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Digestion, Excretion.

Format:Minimum of 7 slides, maximum of 15 slides.

  • Title slide
  • Introductory slide(s):Define the problem.

3-5. (Approx.)Content slides:

The presentation should include the following content:

  • an explanation of how the normal, healthy system should work (at least the part that is diseased)
  • What has gone wrong, with an explanation, such as the causative agent (virus or bacteria), imbalance of molecules (hormones?), autoimmune, nutritional cause, accidents, breakdowns, etc.If the cause is unknown, what is the latest hypothesis?

(3) Approaches to fighting the problem, such as any specific drugs, or other strategies to combat the disease or disorder.If none, are there any experimental approaches?

6.Conclusion or Summary slide(s):Briefly summarize the presentation.

7.Citations slide(s):It is necessary to cite references to outside sources.Use at least three outside references (can include internet references, but not Wikipedia). Briefly cite the reference at the bottom of the slide and full reference on the separate Reference slide(s).Citations should be in APA format.You can get help on proper citation format using the following website: www.citationmachine.net.For example, you can copy a URL from a website and it puts it into proper format.

**The presentation mustinclude pictures or illustrations.

Originality is encouraged.

Check grammar and spelling.

An example rubric is on the next page.There are a total of 100 points:

Submit it to me on Blackboard.Use your own words—No Plagerism!

I will set up a place under Content for you to submit your presentation.

Each student should work individually.

**Due the week of April 29, 2019.

Rubric for BIO 106 Power Point Presentations


Title of Project______________________________________________________________

Possible Points Actual Points Comments

Topic Originality 5.

Title 5__.



Normal System15_____.

Diseased System15.

Approaches to cure15.

Summary slide10.


Grammar & Spelling 5.



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