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This should be about a organic juice marketing project create an executive summary of your Comprehensive Project . An Executive Summary is a one-page document that outlines the purpose, process, findings, discussion, and findings of a report submitted to management. CEOs often read and assess an Executive Summary before deciding to read the entire report, so this must be high quality narrative that demonstrates the significance of the work undertaken, the objectivity of research and analysis underpinning the report, and the credibility of the resulting conclusions.

Example below of how it should look:Can create in your own way.

Executive Summary Example

A marketing plan allows preparation for all the functions of an organization because it details the actions that should be taken by the various departments to achieve a high level of sales. The proposed food commodity is a healthy weight loss product that would be launched into a competitive market. The product would be a blend of three natural products geared towards promoting a healthy lifestyle for individuals. Once consumed, the clients would feel full and they would reduce their intake of other foods that have caused weight gain and poor health status for them in the past. The food product would be marketed to persons fitting in various profiles such as those trying to attain and retain a healthy lifestyle, and those trying to keep fit.

The product will also target individuals that are trying to lose weight so that they can attain or retain good health such as individuals who could be hypertensive or diabetic. Both sexes will be part of the target market because weight loss and attain good health is non-discriminative of gender. Some of the key words to be included in the communication strategy could include: “healthy weight loss product” “natural weight loss.” The price of the product will be fair and packaging made in various sizes to accommodate the large available market. The packaging and competitive pricing will also allow the commodity to be a preference in the healthy weight loss market (Percy, 2014: Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel, 2011 ). The product would be fairly priced to ensure that it competes effectively in the market. The product will be certified by the FDA and include the members of the communities from which it will derive its raw materials in the organization. Direct channels of distribution will be utilized with social media being one of the greatest assets in advertising to the target market clients.

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