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  • Complete the Schedule B first, then Schedule 1, then the Form 1040 down through Line 10. Then complete the Qual Div worksheet and use that information to complete the rest of the Form 1040.
  • Submit all 4 documents to complete the assignment.

Alexander Smith and his wife Allison are married and file a joint tax return for 2018. The Smiths live at 1234 Buena Vista Drive, Orlando, FL 32830. Alexander is a commuter airline pilot but took 6 months off from his job in 2018 to obtain a higher level pilot’s license. The Smiths have a 17 year-old son, Brad, who is enrolled in eleventh grade at the Walt Disney Prep School. The Smiths also have an 18 year-old daughter, Angelina, who is a part-time first year student at Orange County Community College (OCCC). Angelina is married to Sean Shirker, who is 19 years old and also a part-time student at OCCC. Sean and Angelina have a 1 year old child, Trask (Social Security number 115-45-7893). All the Shirkers live in an apartment near the Smiths. Angelina and Sean both also work part-time for Sean’s wealthy grandfather as apprentices in his business. The Shirker’s wages for the year were $50,000 which allowed them to pay all the personal expenses for themselves and Trask.


Social Security number

Date of birth

Alexander Smith



Allison Smith



Brad Smith



Angelina Shirker



Sean Shirker



Trask Shirker



Five years ago, Alexander divorced Jennifer Amistad (Social Security number 341-55-6789). Alexander pays Jennifer $200 per month in alimony under the divorce decree.

Not included with the Smith’s tax forms was interest from State of Florida bonds of $145.00.

Alexander also received a Form W-2, Form 1099-INT, and Form 1099-DIV that you should have downloaded in Step 1 above.


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