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This final examination is a technical report. It shall follow IEEE format. You will choose, research, and design the power system of a house not connected to the main power grid that has an average power usage of 3000 Watts and a peak power usage of 10,000 Watts. The power system shall include at least two different technologies such as solar cells and a fuel cell, a wind turbine and a secondary battery, etc. You can choose more than two if you desire. The power system choices to use shall be the following: 

  1. Secondary Batteries – Select a chemistry
  2. Fuel Cells – Select a chemistry
  3. Solar Cell Arrays
  4. Wind Turbines

The power supplied by the system shall be: 

  • 120VAC at a max current of 60 amps.
  • 220VAC with a max current of 20 amps.
  • A maximum power output of 10,000 Watts. That can be divided between the two AC
    You do not have to design any circuitry. For example, you will need some circuitry that will convert the DC output power from your system to the 120VAC and 220VAC. You will need some kind of switching system that switches between your two different sources. Find actual products that will do these functions. Write a 10 page, minimum, paper (written portion) on the power system. The paper will include, and be graded on, the following information.
  1. The detailed reasons for your power system choices, i.e. ‘I chose to use a Lithium Ion battery storage system because...’, or ‘I chose a PEM fuel cell because...’. A reason of, ‘I chose these systems because I had to write a paper about them...’ is not a valid reason.
  2. General calculations on how many batteries, how big of a wind turbine, how many solar cells, how many stacked fuel cells, etc. You can find systems that companies have for sale such as a whole house fuel cell but you need to show the details and calculations of why that fuel cell or battery system or solar cell will meet your needs and is large enough.
  3. A detailed block diagram showing how your system would be connected together.
  4. The advantages of the system you are designing.
  5. The disadvantages of the system you are designing.
  6. An estimated cost for your system detailed in a spreadsheet or table form. Don’t just pick
    numbers out of the air. Have an estimated cost for each part of the system and how you came up with the costs. If your costs came from systems for sale, show them. If your system is similar to something for sale, detail how you came up with your costs.


Your textbooks are a good reference source for the batteries and fuel cell chemistries. You can 

research and find two systems that companies are selling and integrate them. You will need to provide sufficient detail on the systems to show that they will do what you need them to do. Charts and graphs are encouraged, but do not give me a report with a few paragraphs of information and 4 or 5 pages of charts, graphs and pictures. The visuals should add to the length of the report, not bring it up to the 10 page length. 

Use your imagination for this system. If you cannot find a component for sale by a company, design your own. For example, you cannot find a fuel cell that is the correct size to supply your power. You find that you can get 1 volt and 500mA out of one fuel cell. Your DC to AC inverter requires 50 Volts at 10 amps to generate 120 Volts AC at 4.2 Amps (500 Watts) How many fuel cells would you have to stack in series to generate 50V (50 fuel cells in series) and how many parallel stacks would you need to meet the 10 amp current (20 parallel stacks of 50 cells)? The method of stacking the cells in series and parallel is not part of the problem, just the amount of fuel cells required for that power level is important. Now, that is probably not very practical but it shows me that you are thinking about your requirements. 

The technical report will be due at the official time of the ENE3150 Final during Finals Week. It is to be submitted to Blackboard by the start time of the ENE3150 Final. No late submissions will be accepted. No email submissions will be accepted. Final papers will not be accepted during class. Plan out your time and get the paper done and submitted before the due date. This paper will be a significant portion of your final grade. 

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