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The purpose of this Survey Project is to show your understanding of everything you have learned in Module 1 & Module 2. You will write a survey, collect data, find summary statistics and make graphs. You will apply all the previous statistical concepts you have learned in chapters 1-4 to a topic of interest to you. You will present your results in graphical form and compute numerical summaries. You will also discuss if there exists any bias in your data and what type of bias.


1. Write a survey with at least seven (7) questions: at least four (4) questions that are quantitative and at least three (3) questions that are qualitative. You can have more if you would like and they can be either quantitative or qualitative. (Please see the 'Sample of Survey Topics' link at the bottom of this page to see past examples from students.)

a. Pick a topic that is of interest to you.

b. For the two quantitative questions, think about something that may have a relationship that can be shown on a scatter plot (see step 5 below and review the Module 2 Discussion).

c. If you do not feel comfortable talking to people, you can use Facebook, or I have had students conduct surveys of objects (see the 'Sample of Survey Topics' link at the bottom of the page).

2. Collect the data.

a. Collect the data from at least 30 people or about 30 things.

3. Enter the data into Excel.

a. Let the first column in Excel be your subjects (numbered 1 – 30) and each following column the answers to each of your questions. Please see the blank spreadsheet template link below for your use.

4. Summary Statistics

a. For EACH question that is quantitative you need to find the following summary statistics by hand, using your calculator or using Excel.

b. Summary Statistics: Mean, median, mode, variance, and standard deviation.

5. Create Graphs

a. Create a pie chart for one set of qualitative data.

b. Create a bar chart for a different set of qualitative data.

c. Create a frequency table for one set of quantitative data.

d. Create a histogram for one set of quantitative data.

e. Create a scatter diagram for two of your quantitative data sets that you think are related and find the correlation (see the Module 2 discussion to make sure you do this correctly).

6. Write a paper that includes all of the above. The paper should be double spaced and size 12 font. Your paper should specifically include and address the following:

a. Cover page

b. Intro- Background information – why you are interested in the topic and what background information we need to know to understand the topic.

c. Data collection- include your questions, how you collected your data, and what bias may have occurred while collecting your data. Turn in your excel spreadsheet as well.

d. Summary statistics- for each quantitative question include, in paragraph form, the summary statistics.

e. Graphs- include each graph in the body of your paper. Explain what each graph is and what each graph shows you. Make sure to include which question it represents. For the scatter plot make sure to comment on the relationship and include r.

f. Conclusion/Summary- what did you learn?, were there any results that were surprising?, what would you have done differently?, are there additional questions you would like to ask?, what is your personal reaction?

g. References that you used. Many of you will not have references. Please list your textbook if you did not use any other source so you earn these points.

h. Include the completed self-assessment rubric (see the Survey Project Written Report Template)

7. Submit your completed work as a docx, or .pdf file format.

Math 135 - Moduel 2 Survey Project Data Collection Spreadsheet.xlsx

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